One Piece Finally Fixes a Huge Plothole of the Egghead Arc

One Piece Finally Fixes a Huge Plothole of the Egghead Arc

At the start of the arc, One Piece’s Egghead traitor storyline had fans pointing fingers in many directions. York was ultimately found to be the traitor, but her treason left many things unsolved. However, one of the most significant story holes regarding York’s betrayal has now been addressed in the most recent chapter, which also explains how she was able to conceal her plans from the other Vegapunk satellites.

Vegapunk discloses in chapter #1116 that the Ancient Weapon that devastated Lulusia was powered by a part of the Mother Flame that had been taken from him. York says she is shocked to hear this and that Vegapunk should not have known about the Mother Flame’s theft because she ceased synchronizing with Punk Records.

Although York has kept certain information from Punk Records in the past, including the passcode to the Frontier Dome, the most recent chapter reveals that York had stopped syncing her experiences completely for some time, keeping her betrayal a secret. This in turn clarifies how Vegapunk managed to conceal both his message to the world and his own countermeasures.


One Piece describes how York completely avoided syncing with Punk Records to keep her defection a secret.
Concerns are raised concerning how Vegapunk learned about the stolen Mother Flame in Chapter #1116.

The most recent chapter helps to partially repair Vegapunk persona by demonstrating that he is not wholly wicked and careless.

One Piece Explains How York and Vegapunk Kept Their Plans Secret

Created by Eiichiro Oda, Chapter #1116 “Internal Conflict”

It appeared that York had just not synchronized with Punk Records for that day, which was why it was difficult to extract the password from her when it was revealed in chapter #1090 that she had sealed the Frontier Dome. But the most recent chapter finally explains how York went over Vegapunk’s back without him knowing, demonstrating that it is feasible for the satellites—including Vegapunk himself—to completely stop synchronizing their experiences with Punk Records for days on end.

It is reasonable to believe that York, Shaka, and Edison secretly recorded Vegapunk’s broadcast to prepare for Egghead’s attack, if they had the option and capacity to do so. Only these three probably knew of the backup plan and the full contents of Vegapunk’s communication. Sadly, Edison has also been seriously hurt in the most recent episode, and along with Stella and Shaka, there may not be anyone left to deliver the remaining information if the transmission is cut off.

How Did Vegapunk Find Out the Mother Flame Was Stolen?

Nevertheless, the topic of how Vegapunk learned that the Mother Flame had been taken in the first place is raised in chapter #1116. The simplest explanation is that Dr. Vegapunk only observed that part of it was missing. According to the most recent chapter, Vegapunk was unaware of the identity of the person who had stolen it; thus, it is possible that he did not connect the dots with York until after she had confessed to being a traitor.

Although it is the most expedient explanation, some fans have claimed that one of the Five Elders was a traitor who told Vegapunk about the Mother Flame being taken and used on Lulusia. However, there is not much hard evidence to back up this theory. The most plausible and likely scenario is that Stussy disclosed the information, which included the knowledge that the World Government intended to kill Vegapunk.

However, One Piece’s most recent chapter helps to salvage some of Vegapunk’s reputation by demonstrating that he is a highly inquisitive person rather than the malicious, careless scientist that everyone had assumed him to be. Although York does not entirely absolve Dr. Vegapunk of responsibility, his farewell message to the world might well make up for it, as York undoubtedly embodies his own darkest ambitions.

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One Piece

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One Piece

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Dr. Vegapunk’s True Identity in One Piece Explained

The Egghead Island arc has included a significant amount of One Piece’s mad scientist Dr. Vegapunk, however it has been difficult to follow exactly who he is. This is because the scientist has produced a few duplicate bodies that all identify as Vegapunk and share his mentality. Fortunately, fans have learned more about how Vegapunk’s overall identity is connected to these “satellites” as additional details about him have surfaced.

In manga chapter #1061, Vegapunk finally makes his much-anticipated debut, shocking fans who thought the scientist would be an elderly man. The best scientist in the world of One Piece is Vegapunk. Originally, he was part of a group of genius scientists called MADS, and after that was disbanded by the World Government, Vegapunk went to work for the most powerful organization in the One-Piece world.


Vegapunk has six satellites, each linked to a punk record label, that are duplicates of his personality.
Due to his consumption of the Brain-Brain Fruit, Vegapunk’s original body is an elderly man with the largest brain on the planet.

Every satellite shared a single mind while synchronizing their distinct experiences with Punk Records.

Manga readers were only familiar with Vegapunk through his inventions, which include the Pacifista cyborgs from One Piece, the Seastone element that can negate the effects of Devil Fruit, and other lethal weapons that are crucial to maintaining the power of the World Government, even though he was mentioned as early as chapter #433.

There Are Actually Seven Different Vegapunks

Because of the “Punk 02” logo on her jacket, many fans thought that Vegapunk, when she first emerged as a young lady, might truly be a clone or a robotic body. One Piece chapter #1062 verified that this suspicion was correct. “Lilith” is the Vegapunk in front of the Straw Hats; he is one of the six bodies the scientist made so he could keep up with the amazing quantity of science work he is involved in.

Every one of the six bodies is linked to a distinct attribute; in example, the two bodies that show up in chapter 1062 have radically different personalities and behaviors. Lilith is equated with “evil,” whilst Atlas is characterized as “wrath” after meeting Luffy, Jewelry Bonney, Chopper, and Jinbe on Egghead Island.

The true identities of these six Vegapunks remain unknown. The information that CP0 revealed at the conclusion of that chapter indicated that the original Dr. Vegapunk divided into six individuals. When CP0 agent Kaku refers to them as “Satellites,” it suggests that One Piece’s original Vegapunk oversees them from a distance. All of them “are also Dr. Vegapunk,” he adds, leaving the question unsolved. Since then, it has become evident that the Satellites are not under the direct control of Vegapunk, but rather are clones that have combined their minds with those of the scientist.

Vegapunk’s Satellites All Connected to the Same Brain

When Vegapunk made his debut in a female form, there was a lot of discussion among fans. Some thought that was the genuine deal, that Eiichiro Oda, the author of One Piece, had just tricked his fans into thinking Vegapunk was a man. In the end, Oda disclosed that Vegapunk’s original body is an elderly man.

According to Chapter #1067, Vegapunk has the largest brain in the world because of consuming the Brain-Brain Fruit. He stores it externally in Punk Records, the enormous egg-shaped storage facility located above Egghead. The chapter shows that all the satellites, including Vegapunk, are linked to Punk Records by the apple-top antenna above his head.

According to Vegapunk, all six satellites have a single mind since they are all linked to Punk Records and each satellite carries a duplicate of his personality. Like a real-life cloud storage, each satellite’s distinct experiences are synchronized with Punk Records at the conclusion of each day.

In any case, Vegapunk’s satellites remain shrouded in mystery. Even though One Piece will undoubtedly deliver these explanations at some point, given how erratic the series can be, they probably will not be simple ones.

One Piece’s most recent chapter is accessible on MANGA Plus and Viz Media.


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